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Here’s a bit more fodder for your thoughts:

If you know English:

You just want to be blessed. How to get a blessing can be found here: Or you want to know the message of the prophet of Jesus: Maybe you want to compare every sura and ayet in the Quran with the Bible, then you will find it at BibleversusQuran:

The biblical timeline from Adam to the last judgment in English, German, Turkish



If you know Turkish:

These link pages on knowledge or paradise are super starting points.


The biblical timeline from Adam to the last judgment in English, German, Turkish What happens in the last days of the world and at the last judgment is explained to you here:


If you would like to compare the Koran and the Bible on certain topics and find out the truth, then is the right place.


If you would like to order a New Testament in Turkish:


Want answers to what the Bible says about tarot cards:, true love:, dreams and their meaning: or prayer:


If you want to take a Bible course on Jesus Christ online and see your result immediately: But if you need different courses to print out and do with your friends, you will find them here:

Or have you always been interested in what the Bible forbids or allows, what the law of Christ is and what true knowledge looks like:


This is all too much for you and you just want to hear stories, partly true stories, but always very moving stories: Also available as a PodCast.


You are looking for a Christian church in Offenbach, Frankfurt or elsewhere in Europe? Here are addresses:;;; with many stories about faith in Jesus. A mega-database on the Christian faith can be found here:



If you know German:

If you like watching videos about the Bible and the Quran, then this is the place for you:

If you like watching videos on world history from the Bible’s point of view and taking a quiz, then is perfect for you.

Which God is the right one? Allah of the Quran or the God of the Bible? Learn the differences:

Do you know Islam, its teachings and culture? Or would you like to get to know Islam better? Then you can do different self-tests to check your knowledge:

You just want to learn German and get to know the history of Germany, then here:

The biblical timeline from Adam to the last judgment in English, German, Turkish

A site that deals with the critical sides of Islam will help you to face the truth:


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