8. Thinking of the Nature of God (in a Trinity)

Jesus, while on earth, displayed just about all human characteristics. He was a baby and grew up with His parents. He needed food, drink and sleep. He is reported to have wept. This humanity He inherited from His mother, if I may formulate it like this. But He was sinless, forgave people their sins, walked on the water, calmed the storm, and fed a crowd of some 5000 men plus whoever was present of their families, with five cakes of bread and two fish. He healed countless sick people, had absolute power over the demonic world, and even raised the dead. He Himself rose from the dead and was raised to heaven. All these are the credentials of His divine nature. He did what only God can do. This demonstrates that He was the Son of God.


Please let me still add that I fully appreciate that much of what I wrote to you may overwhelm you. When you hear the words “Son of God”, the influence of your Islamic up-bringing, will flash a red light, warning that this is shirk (adding a partner to Allah). Since much of what I have written here is flatly contradicting what you have been taught since childhood, you just got to apply your mind in addition to your feelings. Weigh the evidence that God alone could provide, to help you make the right decision.


You have already signalled your agreement that the Bible is proven to be the revelation from almighty God. Will you resist, or even oppose Him just because you are (still) tuned to misunderstand this mystery of God? I do not want to be a scare monger, but when dealing with the Gospel Truth we have to be dead serious about it. Believe God and what He has said about Jesus.


Keep well! Keep true!

I trust I will hear from you soon!


Fond greetings!