Letter 5: The Bible, the Qur’an and Science

It would need a book to go into any more detail in this discussion, but the little I could accommodate throws some light on the prevailing argument. In essence all the other arguments boil down to the same substance. What conclusion can we draw from all this? It is normal and understandable for people to reason on the basis of their worldview. We all live by the assumption that our worldview is right and true. But we must learn to question the validity of everybody’s way of thinking which determines their actions. This may be a sobering and sometimes heartbreaking process.


If we want to live spiritually truthful and meaningful lives, we will have to say ‘good bye’ to popular opinion and seek the truth of God. Without any smugness or antagonism I have to confess that the search for a divine origin of a Book in the manner we observed right now, raises a lot more questions than it can hope to answer.


I am deeply sorry to be so negative in so many ways. You really ought to know my heart to understand my guiding motive. You will know that it is neither a love for polemics, nor a hidden smugness. All I desire is our commitment to God, based on true information about Him. May this letter add a little to that?


Yours sincerely,