Letter 6: What is God like?

Dear Abdallah,


Thank you for your very interesting remarks in your last letter. What you write is all too true. One so easily gets sidetracked from the real issues – and you bring us right on track again.


You say that both of us speak about God and have a certain perception of Him. Yet when we speak about Him, we discover that our perceptions differ, and with it our worldview and life style. Why is that so, since we both acknowledge that there is only one God? You have provided the answer already: Because we base our understanding of God on different premises. I deem it necessary to try to define what – or better Whom – we mean when we say ‘God’.


Observing the many extremely diverse perceptions people often have of God, one cannot help feeling that many follow a figment of their imagination. We will have to think about that.


Who is God? Is Allah, as portrayed by Islam, and Yahweh Elohim, as He is presented in the Bible, the same? If the answer is yes, why do we get conflicting information about Him? Let me share my view of this with you.


Around the world thousands, if not millions of deities are venerated or even worshipped, yet you and I believe there is one God, one God only. I also believe that any seeming differences about God in the one or other religion are not reflecting a division within God, but are the result of false or incomplete information about Him. I believe wholeheartedly that all true knowledge about God must essentially come from God Himself. What can we know about Him?