Letter 9: How unique is Jesus?

Jesus, while on earth, displayed all the human characteristics. He was a baby and grew up with His parents. He needed food, drink and sleep. He is reported to have wept. This He inherited from His mother, if I may say so. But He walked on the water, calmed the storm and fed a crowd, of which 5000 were men, with a few scraps of food. He healed countless sick people, forgave sins, had absolute power over the demonic world and even raised the dead. He Himself rose from the dead and was raised to heaven. All these are the credentials for His divine nature. He did what only God can do. This demonstrates that He was the Son of God.


The use of the title ‘Son of God’ may, for a lack of an even more descriptive word, be a figure of speech like the term ‘son-of-the-road’, which is, I am told, the translation of the Arabic word for a traveller. The purpose is to show a relationship.


The words ‘only begotten Son’, as used in an old Bible translation for the Greek word ‘mono-genis’, should actually be ‘only-born’. The other is an unfortunate wording and can be misleading.


I fully realise all this may at first appear very strange to you. But you have already acknowledged the Bible to be proven revelation from almighty God. Shall we resist or even oppose it just because we fail to fully understand it? I do not want to preach here, but dealing with the Gospel Truth I would like to urge you to seriously think about this. Since much of what I have written here is in contradiction to what you have been taught since childhood, it will indeed be necessary to apply your mind and your reasoning instead of your feelings.

I will hear from you again! Fond greetings!